Thursday , October 6 2022

Ingredients,Spice and Sauce

Parents Do you want your kids to grow tall? Feed them with these foods.

Food that enables children to grow tall and healthy

Remember Genetics determines 80% of the height of an individual, but the kind of food consumed also has a role to play. Some children suffer from stunted growth because of their body system lack the nutrients that will boost their growth hormones. This article will show you the foods that …

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Ladies take Folic Acid during Pregnancy? 5 good Food Sources of Folic Acid

Consume Folic acid for proper immune development

Folic Acid Ladies please During pregnancy, women need to take a lot of care for themselves and for the good growth of the baby. During this time, a properly taken diet makes the baby healthy and healthy at birth, so it is advisable to take such things which are beneficial for …

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wow real wow as A Paint Of Garri Is No Longer N1000, Here Is The New Price After ENDSARS Protest In Onitsha

Credit:Opera News

PAINT OF GARRI After this EndSARS protest in Onitsha there have been some drastic change in prices of commodities. One of the commodity that the price changed to the surprise of everyone is ‘A paint of Garri’  Before the EndSARS protest A paint of Garri’ was about N1000 but now …

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This is serious A Bulb of Onions is no longer N50, SEE The New Price

onion price in Nigeria Credit:Opera News

onion price A bulb of Onions is no longer fifty Naira (50), Here is the New Price After end Special Anti Robbery Squad in various states in the Country (Nigeria) food stuffs sellers have started increasing the price of food items making things tough for an average citizen to survive …

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Health benefits of Irish potatoes By Dr.Austin

health benefit of irish potatoes Credit:Pulse

Potatoes helps renew cells, movement, digestion and brain development. It is an ideal choice for people dieting as it offers enough energy for your body without making you add weight. 1. Improves Gut Health An Irish potato can give you 12% of the fibre you need which helps to promote …

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Food poisoning: The riskiest foods that can easily make you sick


Here is a list of surprising foods that can make you dangerously ill: Leafy vegetables Green vegetables such as spinach, kales, and lettuce are enriched with nutrients that we all need. However, they can turn out to be dangerous depending on where they are grown. They may pick pathogens from …

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These are the 5 things Garlic and Honey will do for you


Garlic has great antioxidants which fight free-radicals in the system, while pure honey is also loaded with health benefits that balance out the system. 1. Charge up your immune system Garlic helps your immune system stay stronger, helping to defend you against microbes and bacteria. It’s also important to keep …

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