Thursday , October 6 2022


Reno Omokri-It is un-scriptural to preach against the drinking of alcohol

Is drinking alcohol a sin ?

Nigerian award-winning author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has said that it is un-scriptural to preach against the drinking of alcohol. According to him, the scriptures only warned against drunkenness as he made biblical quotes to reveal that even Jesus drank alcohol. It is un-scriptural to preach against drinking of alcohol …

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See the percentage of women that cheat on their husbands in Nigeria according to this TikToker

percentage of woman that cheats in Nigeria is high

Women that cheat on their husbands a Tiktok video has gone viral after a tiktoker listed eight countries with a percentage of married man who cheat on their husband. In the video the man mention eight different countries with the highest of women cheating on their husband. According to the …

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Ladies ways to get a snatched waist without surgery.

Ladies build that hourglass figure figure

hourglass figure 1. Change your diet Recently Nutritional studies have shown that eating whole grains, fruits and other starchy vegetables help you reduce the amount of fat you put into your body because they help you feel fuller for longer. Better still, whole grains do not contain any preservatives and …

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