Thursday , October 6 2022

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US President Biden’s inaugural address: Read transcript from Inauguration Day 2021

US President elect Joe Biden gives Inauguration speech

Here is the full speech from President Biden’s inaugural address, as he called for unity during his inauguration as the 46th President of America. President elect Joe Biden In his inauguration address, President Joe Biden called on Americans to be ‘different and better’ – read his full speech below; Chief …

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In Ontario Canada- reports a record-breaking number of COVID-19 cases with more than 3,900 new cases

Covid-19 on an increase in Ontario,Canada

TORONTO — Ontario health officials are recording another record-breaking number of COVID-19 cases in the province as they report more than 3,900 new infections. The province confirmed 3,945 cases of the novel coronavirus on Sunday, which breaks the previous provincial daily case record of 3,799 new cases reported on Saturday …

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The hidden map on your phone shows everywhere you’ve been and the photos you took

GPS map auto location detection

Google map automatically tracking your locations GPS apps like Google Maps make navigating unfamiliar cities so much easier. It even has a clever feature that you might not even take advantage of, Street View. You can use it for things like creating your own stories and time traveling. GPS Location …

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‘Hey Google, where’s my family?’ A simple way to see where your loved ones are.

find your family with life 360

Google and Life360 team up image source: google Looking for your family? If you have a Google Assistant-enabled device and Life360, all you have to say is “Hey Google, where’s my family?” or “Hey Google, where’s my family on Life360?” to get an update. You can ask about individual locations, …

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Ladies ways to get a snatched waist without surgery.

Ladies build that hourglass figure figure

hourglass figure 1. Change your diet Recently Nutritional studies have shown that eating whole grains, fruits and other starchy vegetables help you reduce the amount of fat you put into your body because they help you feel fuller for longer. Better still, whole grains do not contain any preservatives and …

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Lady Cries-How married man deceived her into a serious relationship with him.

Married man decieved a lady into relationship

Married man The lady identified as Somtee on the platform alleged that the man claimed he was single and was living with his sister whom she later found out to be his wife. image source:Google She traveled all the way from Nigeria to Ghana to meet with the man before …

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Women Take note of 3 Places Your Boyfriend Wants You To Touch Him But He Won’t Tell You

A man's sensitive area

Relationship romance In dating As a woman there are things your partner wants you to do that he will not find it good to tell you, maybe because he is shy to let you no but is very necessary you as a lady to know this few things. image source:google …

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