Friday , June 25 2021
Dangote is suing his former girlfriend

“Aliko Dangote is suing for declining his silence money” – Alleged Former girlfriend reveals.

Aliko Dangote’s alleged former girlfriend Autumn Spike, calamine she’s being sued $30k for refusing the money he offered her to stay silence.

According to the alleged side chick, Autumn took to social media to shared an alleged public lawsuit filed by those she claimed was Dangote’s legal team.


In her posts on Instagram, the lady alleged that Dangote is suing her for something his ex-girlfriend, Bea Lewis did, while stating that she has never talked about them publicly.

She also claimed that she turned down interviews and talk shows while stating that she only wanted to clear her name after people called her an opportunist.

Autumn is the lady who shared a video of Dangote lying on a couch while they chilled in an apartment.

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  1. Trust no one. Especially not side chicks. They are destroyers of relationship and your own life.

  2. Hehehe… Having side chicks and extramarital affairs, you are just putting yourself and your spouse in danger. Stay with one one and one woman. That is how God designed life to be.

  3. What some people don’t know is that, that your wife at home you feel is nothing, will cover-up a thousand secrets for you even more than your own birth family. Alot of men have destroyed their lives by thinking they can trust a random girl (side chick) to stand in a better position of their success or growth in life more than their wives. If you don’t want to get ruined in life. Stay with one woman( wife).

  4. Is just that, most men are promiscuous in nature. Honestly speaking if you find a true woman, you would never see a need for side chicks. Side chicks wahala is a man’s downfall especially in his marriage and personality to the public. Not only women have same. Men do too.

  5. See they kyn problem you cause for yourself… After many people has set you as their role model. Even if you must have side chicks be extra careful. Side chicks are just something else

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