Saturday , September 25 2021
9 year old child responsible for supermarket fire

Ebeano supermarket Fire: Nigerians react to report of 9-year-old girl responsible

Nigerians on social media have reacted to reports of the 9-year-old girl responsible for the arson that reduced Ebeano supermarket in Abuja to ashes.

Ebeano Fire: Nigerians react to report of 9-year-old girl responsible

Ebeano supermarket in the Lokogoma area of Abuja was burnt to the ground on Saturday, July 17, 2021, with goods worth billions of Naira destroyed in the raging inferno.

In CCTV footage widely shared on social media afterwards, an unidentified woman could be seen lighting up the fire that destroyed the entire shopping complex, before sprinting away from the scene.

That woman has been identified as a nine-year-old minor who joined her mum and sister to the shop.

“My mum took me to the shop. She wanted to buy Bleep for my sister. We went to the market first before going to the shop. My mummy was with my sister at the drink session,” the little girl stutters during questioning by a team of investigators.

She still has on her the same clothes she wore to the shop on the day of the arson, as captured on CCTV. It is unclear if the questioning was carried out on the same day.

See reactions as gathered across the internet:

**** I saw this update on a guy’s Whatapp status this afternoon.. I was shocked, I just weak instantly
This is really a bad month for the owner, even smoke detector couldn’t help the situation before the outbreak, e come be like say nah the village people wan deal with the Owner..

sadly in this country the only work a CCTV camera can do is to capture evidence, and majority of stores that use CCTV cameras don’t employ people that stays on it because of stinginess and most times laziness of the workers, see now.. even if the owner of the shop uses the girl for money ritual, it’s not even enough to bring out even N50million. how the parent wan do em’. Billions go into ashes , I know it can happen to any parents and God forbid such but still
this Gbese choke oo

*** She’s doing it for the future…
It’s like it now high time we tell ourselves the truth, if the FUTURE is not FEMALE then who’s going to give birth to tomorrow? 
Abeg let the Female be Future ooo… LOL

**** Train your child they no go gree. A 9years destroyed good worth billions, destroyed people livelihood threw people out of jobs cause of a parent that can’t control her child. The parents should be made to face the wrath .

*** It’s a shame the shop have no safety measures in place. No smoke detector, no fire extinguisher, no sprinklers nothing. And this happened in broad daylight oh. As fire service in Nigeria is not functioning, businesses should take safety matters into their own hands

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  1. This is unbelievable. What got into her.

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