Monday , October 25 2021
another man came to pick his girlfriend in his presence

Funny event as a Nigerian man laments after another man came to pick his girlfriend in his presence

A young Nigerian man has shared his pain online following an incident that occurred while on a date with his girlfriend last Sunday.

Ogbonnaya Darlington narrated how his girlfriend left with another guy while in the middle of a date with him.

According to the guy, him, his friend and girlfriend went out together and while hey were there, she got call from another guy. His girl lied in his presence that she was at a birthday party.

The other guy came to where they were and after chatting for while, she hurriedly left with him.

He wrote on Facebook:

”What mad me last Sunday was, I and my boyfriend took my girlfriend out on Sunday, we ordered drinks and chicken, another guy called her and asked her where she was, she told him in our presence that she went to a birthday party, long story short, the guy came to the place we were, called her again, she left us to see the guy.

They spent a lot of time, I think, put appointment, she came back and started hurrying me to do fast, I told her if you want to go, you can go, she hurriedly stood up and left Up till now, I haven’t recover from the shock”

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