Friday , August 19 2022

Good news-Breath of fresh air for Nigerians as Amber Drinks Ltd sets to empower thousands

With the continuous rise of unemployment in the country, it is imperative that businesses and brands demonstrate that they are indeed making a difference in the lives of Nigerians through empowerment and Amber Drinks Ltd is one of such.

Since its formal launch in Nigeria in June 2020, its purpose has been to make life easier for Nigerians with a focus on empowerment. Moreso, the brand launched a BRT and conventional free bus ride initiative recently to give commuters access to rides at no cost to their pockets.

Now, Amber Drink Limited has launched a new empowerment program with an aim to empower students, retailers, startups and unemployed Nigerians giving them the opportunity to begin their journey to becoming a boss. This program is divided into two sectors, the ‘Start-up loan’ and the ‘Business Support’.

With a below-market interest rate of 5% flat, the Start-up Loan offers the beneficiaries N100,000 and a 4 months repayment plan with the first 30days interest-free. This loan will be given in the form of products to help kickstart or sustain beneficiaries who are looking to start trading in Amber Energy drink or already own retail store outlets.

In addition, each beneficiary starts with a minimum of 20 cases and grows to a minimum of 25 cases every week. Under this Scheme, Amber Drinks Limited would empower at least 400 applicants quarterly.

Subsequently, the Business Support features rent-to-own recharge spots which will cater to individuals that are small-time beverage retailers and are ideally already in the business but need support to expand and grow.

With this program, Amber Drink limited will empower over 200 applicants quarterly by giving them branded recharge spots on payment by installments. Beneficiaries will have to make a commitment to selling at least 2 cartons of Amber Energy drink weekly.

Speaking on the purpose of the Amber Drinks Empowerment Program, the General Manager, Amber Drinks Ltd, Lola Adedeji, stated,

“With Nigeria’s population increasing exponentially coupled with the global pandemic, economic opportunities are now limited and overstretched. The need to encourage and empower startups, students, retailers and the unemployed cannot be overemphasized. Amber Drinks, through this program aims to provide Nigerians the opportunity to own and grow their businesses through soft loans and business support initiatives.

By providing young people and business enthusiasts with entrepreneurial opportunities to create wealth and support their livelihood, this program will help generate jobs and income, and encourage retailers to go into the energy drink distribution market”, She continued.

To join the Amber Drinks Empowerment Program, interested persons must apply online, log onto and follow through the prompts or simply text Amber<> your full name<> location<> to 34778 and they will receive an auto-response to follow-through.

Successful applicants would be invited for a short training and onboarding session

Amber Drinks would certify beneficiaries and be hands-on to support beneficiaries with free business consulting and training which would launch on the 1st of September, 2020 as well as POS merchandise.

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