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how he found out wife’s real age as 43 instead of 29

How Man narrates how he found out wife’s real age as 43 instead of 29 after marriage

How I found out that my wife who claimed to be 29 was actually 43 – 32 year-old man narrates

After nine years of enduring his pain, a man recounts how his wife lied about her true age throughout their courtship, and until after they married he discovered it.

According to @lionofjuda on Twitter, the woman he married when he was 32 years old turned out to be 43 years old after she lied about her age.

The young man went on to say that she had also lied about being a virgin until their wedding night, when he discovered it was a lie she made up.

Read the rest of the story below;

“Since everyone’s spilling, let me say it today.
The woman I married in 2012 told me she was 29. Found out later that she was 43. I was 32. Her cousin had a crush on me and told me her true DOB.
I left her and SM women blamed me for it. “Abandonment” was what they called it.
Some years later, I met someone I felt I could marry. Unknown to me, her wedding date was already fixed. She just wanted to keep billing me in preparation 4 her wedding and her friends covered for her. Found out two weeks to her wedding. I moved on with no complaint.
When people complain and take sides based on gender, let’s never forget that evil knows no gender. There is nothing men have done that women have not done. In fact, women are way more brutal when on a mission to destroy.

They embellish stories, frame you up.
Since then, I am focused on raising my daughters. Marriage is overrated. If yours is good, stay in it. If you are not lucky, try again or stay single. 7 billion people in the world, we cannot all have the same destinies.
. @DokunOjomo this is my reality. You wondered why I have daughtersand not married.
Lest I forget: she had lied, unprovoked, about virginity until wedding night. I wasn’t looking for a virgin so there was no need to lie about it. Moment of truth, she broke down in tears and claimed that some guy in Masaka, Abuja, raped her. I forgave that red flag. Big mistake.

For fact checking, @lahtyno was with me ALL THROUGH that phase. From wedding to depression to break up and frame ups and all. He was there. He could paint tha more vivid picture.
Seeing that a lot of people are more focused on why I didn’t detect that I was lied to, rather than the fact that someone actually lied about their age to a life partner.
And this illustrates the bias that leads to gender wars: Victim-blaming is okay if a man was wronged.
Finally…. Sharing this story- one I have kept close to chest for years- is not to seek for sympathy. Nobody owes me sympathy and I am not a perfect man either.
It is merely for lessons to be learned and points to be proven.
There’s no bad behavior that’s gender-exclusive. Tanx.”

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