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How to start the s*x process

How to start the s*x process: 4 things you should never use as lube during intimacy

Good s*x is good for many reasons. Naturally, lube is a natural part of s*x. Not only does it help ensure comfort, but it can also increase pleasure hugely.

Already, lube is a natural part of sex. Not only does it help ensure comfort, but it can also increase pleasure hugely, depending on the variety of lube used. It’s not embarrassing to use lube and it doesn’t make sex any less sexy.

However, there are some things you should definitely never use as lube for sex. Here is our list below:

  • Spit as lube

More people than you might think use saliva as a homemade lube. Some people might think that spit can enhance sex, but the truth is that saliva actually provides very little lubrication.

Sex with saliva as lube could be eventually become painful, as there will be inadequate lubrication, or it will dry up faster than compared to your body’s own lubrication or using a professionally manufactured lube.

  • Coconut oil
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Coconut oil is a popular product. With seemingly unending uses, it’s become a staple in the cupboards of many across the country. Coconut oil as lube, however, is not ideal.

It has antimicrobial properties, which may disrupt the vaginal pH balance leading to infections (like yeast infections). Although coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser for your skin and hair, this may not necessarily be the case for your genitals. Oils and oil-based substances also weaken latex products, like condoms, which can mean you would be putting yourself at risk.

  • Petroleum jelly

Being an oil-based product, petroleum jelly is unsuitable for use with latex condoms. Using an oil-based lube and latex condoms will cause the condom to degrade, leaving it more vulnerable to tears and rips. Therefore, this puts you at an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy.

  • Food 

Food can be great to bring into the bedroom. However, inserting any type of food into the sexual organs of your body runs the risk of causing infection and, likely, food substances won’t be absorbed by the body, meaning they’ll need to be washed off. If you insert food into the vagina, you need to douche afterwards, however douching has also been linked to bacterial vaginosis.

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