Monday , October 25 2021
Anita Okoye files for divorce

P-square: Anita Okoye files for divorce from Paul Okoye

Anita Okoye has filed for divorce from Paul Okoye, as the 7 year marriage of the singer seems to have hit the rocks.

The former couple share 3 children together.

Anita Okoye files for divorce from Paul Okoye

Divorce rumours had first tickled in earlier this year when Anita revealed that she had relocated to the United states with her three kids.

Leaked divorce documents has now emerged and can be viewed below;


A source close to the couple told The Lagos Today that both parties will proceed amicably with the legal resolution and be the best co-parents in the interest of their children.

“Paul and Anita have always been very good friends,” a source said following the leak of the divorce petition. “Like every couple they have had issues for a while but plan to remain on good terms and keep the friendship they have always had since their days as university students.”

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