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Pls Gents, here are 4 common lies women say in relationships

Women have some common lies they tell their partners from time to time. But note that honesty is the best policy.

Successful relationships are always built on the bedrocks of honesty. It is a symbol of trust.

While both men and women are capable of being untruthful to their significant other, they may not always do it for the same reasons.

Here are some common lies women tell their partners.

  • Saying she’s fine when she’s not

Women usually tell lies about how they feel more of the time.

Even in situations where you see changes in their mood, they still prefer to say that “it’s nothing”. Get to know your partner really well and how you deal with her in such situations if not, she will keep telling such lies.

  • How many people she’s slept with

One other thing women lie mostly about is the number of men they have slept with or have had sex with. The maximum number most of them say is three.

This doesn’t matter, it’s probably time both of you accept the kind of partner you have and move on. Body counts do not guarantee a good relationship.

  • Having orgasm

Women fake orgasm sometimes. They probably wanted the sex to be over or weren’t expecting their partners to cum at a particular point in time. Regardless, they are still lies. In such a situation, communication is key.

  • She didn’t fool around with friends

Women have that particular group of friends she messes around with. They talk about all the ugly things they have done and are probably still doing. Sometimes they can’t help it but keep fooling with these friends, but for them to keep their relationships, they prefer not talking about it at all.

It’s important to be very friendly to your partner so that she can be very open to you and feel free to fool with you while keeping in mind the respect she has for you too.

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