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reasons why people do sex tape

Reasons Why do people make sex tapes?

So, why do celebrities and ordinary people do it anyway?

First off, it is fun. Our phones are a diary for every moment in our lives, some people send nude pictures and other sexual videos to each other it just seems like the next step for some.

There are psychological reasons why people love to record themselves having sex. One is self-eroticism, narcissism, and voyeurism.

Common Problems in Exploring Tantric Sex

Self-eroticism is when you get turned on by watching yourself have sex. Many people typically use their partners as props and objects when the main focus is on themselves.

Watching themselves over again in that same position can cause them to feel aroused. This self-eroticism is linked with narcissism, which is an excess love for oneself and wanting to see yourself idealised in a sexual position.

There is also a faint chance that it is done for notoreity, popularity and clout from the aftermath of the sex tape.

Notwithstanding all of these, the risk of having your sex tape out remains. Some have said one need not feel shameful. Sex is a normal activity and people shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

Jackson would not like to have a sex tape; “A very young lady in the university asked us to create a sex tape, but I declined because I do not want to have my sex tape out in the public, if she wants to watch us have sex, we can use a mirror. I certainly do not want my grunting face out there.”

Dayo says; “some people are voyeurs, they derive pleasure from watching other people have sex.” He also believes that it is usually the man who cajoles the lady.

Whatever the reason is, you must protect yourself.

Trust is important when making them. You should trust the person you are making the sex tape with. This follows that it shouldn’t be a random person or someone you are casually seeing.

Also, having your senses intact is important, when either of you is not in their right senses either by drugs or alcohol consent cannot be gotten. Thus, you shouldn’t record a sex tape.

Lastly, store it properly, remove it from your phone to a safer device or just delete it when you are done watching it.

In the event of a breakup or split, both parties must agree to delete all copies of the tape and not share it with anyone.

At the end of the day, making a sex tape seems to be more trouble than it is worth, but people will still do it regardless.

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