Friday , May 7 2021
Wife refuses husband sex because of gateman

Sad as my wife refused to sleep with me because I refused to sack my gateman

A man has taken to social media to lament on how his wife has continually denied him sex all because he refused to sack the gateman.

Narrating his plight, the man disclosed that he has been married for 6 years, but has been with this gateman of his for 13 years. The man described his gateman as a very humble and nice person and even recounted how he once saved his business.

Lately, his wife began to feel uncomfortable with the gateman for reasons best known to her and has ordered him to sack their gateman immediately.

wife refuses her husband sex

The man who is in a dilemma is quite disturbed because according to him, the gateman is a very nice person and his wife in order to compel him to do her wish has denied him sex for 3 weeks.

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  1. Hahaha…. The topic alone is funny

  2. Some ladies are just evil incarnated. Am sure she has tried to made advances to the gate man and he refused, so she brought up the idea of sacking him.

  3. Check that your woman well, her way no pure.

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