Friday , June 25 2021
Sda as bandits can't be traced

Security-“Bandits are now sophisticated, we can’t trace them” – National Space Agency

The DG of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NSRDA) has said that bandits terrorising the country are sophisticated and can’t be traced.

According to Halilu Shaba, inadequate satellite and other facilities affect the agency’s capability to trace bandits and other criminal elements operating in the country.

Shaba said the bandits have become sophisticated in their operations and waves received by the agency from remote areas shows the bandits no longer use Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) phones, but walkie-talkie.

“The Satellite is not static where the insurgency is taking place. That is why one satellite is not adequate. What Nigeria has there are some two satellites doing two different things.

“We have a High-Resolution imaging satellite and Medium Resolution imaging satellite. The activities of the bandits could be when the satellite was away from Nigerian borders, so that is why we are advocating for more satellites for Nigeria,” he said.

Shaba, therefore, called for collaboration between the agency and security agencies in the country in the area of information sharing, especially when planning to launch attacks on the criminal elements

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  1. Make them catch all of them one by one. They are just there perpetuating evil on a daily basis.

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