Sunday , July 3 2022

Skype introduces Meet Now, will allow users with no account to make video calls

Microsoft-owned video calling app Skype has upped its game by adding new features. Meet Now is one such feature which allows users to video call by just a link.


  • Skype has brought in new features with its update keeping the work-from-home culture in mind.
  • Meet Now is a prominent feature which works by just accessing a link.
  • Other features brought in by Skype are blurring background, screen sharing and recording calls.

Skype might just be your ideal app to work from home with its current updates.

After global lockdowns were imposed, the usage in Skype’s video calls increased by 70 percent, according to a report by Reuters. Looks like Skype is upping its game with its current update.

The most significant update being able to chat without having a Skype account. This will be made possible through a link. Moreover, the link does not expire and can be used anytime.

“Generate your free unique link with one click, share it with participants and enjoy unlimited meetings with Skype. Full set of features at your disposal. Your meeting link does not expire and can be used anytime,” Skype’s official blog read.

Follow these easy steps to generate the link for a Skype account and to acess the Meet Now feature:

–Generate a link in one simple click.

–The link can be shared for anyone who wants to join the call regardless of that person having a Skype account. This is much like the link sharing on WhatsApp to join a group.

— The unique link can now be used to join calls.

Other features which Skype has introduced are recording calls. This feature comes in handy for people to review the conversations, in case they are working from home or are being given instructions. Moreover, the conversation can go on-record. The recorded conversations and call recordings do not expire for 30 days.

Blurring background is another feature, which Skype has added to its bucket. Working from home means working in a messy atmosphere. Now, the app will assist its users to blur their background. This feature can be enabled by simply turning on the background blur feature.

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