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myths about sex

The 10 myths about sex you need to know

Here are 10 of them;

This is a tricky one. Sex is a social construct. Some people (mostly religious) people believe that they have to penetrate the vagina for it to be sex.

But there are other types of sex like oral sex (mouth to genital), anal sex, fingering and hand jobs, dry humping and so on.

The Mormons practice soaking where they feel penetration without movement is not sex. At the end of the day, it is self-deceit.

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Only a few women (25%) experience orgasm from penetrative sex. Most women orgasm from clitoral stimulation.

This unfair stereotype leads to the over-sexualisation of petite women. This is an unrealistic fantasy. Everything depends on the individual.

This is true and false.

Masturbation has some health benefits; it decreases stress for women and makes their menstrual period less painful but for men, it might lead them to become accustomed to quickies and not last longer during sex.

If your religion has made you vow to celibacy, it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

For some, they are just not into masturbation, and that is okay too.

Well, this is as false as false can be. Some very big penises might even cause trauma and wounds. What makes sex enjoyable is your partner and open communication.

No one is sure where this comes from or who started or why people believe it, but the only correlation would be that it might appear bigger because of how small they appear relative to it. The bottom line is penis size has nothing to do with weight.

This is not based on fact or science, people just seem to believe that.

This is a dig at her weight and probably that she would just stay in one place but vigour during sexual activity is person-specific and not based on any stereotype.

Menstruation causes eggs to be released and thus unable to be fertilized by the sperm. For some, this is a have-all-the-sex-you-want card, but this is not the truth.

The sperm lives inside a woman’s body for five days after sex, and within that period, a new egg can be penetrated by sperm.

Sigh, not even all women have hymens. Hymens are in different sizes plus, they do not cover the vagina completely. It is easy for the hymen to be broken by exercise or any rigorous activity.

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