Friday , August 19 2022
side effects of being a virgin for too long
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The 4 side effects of being a virgin for too long, according to research

So here are some reasons why celibacy should be revisited, as the consequences are not very pleasant.

  • You become slower

According to a study by the University of Maryland, when you have less sex or no sex at all, you become slower with your thoughts. Your neuron functioning is affected. Your ideas are not so bright.

  • Pent up frustration

Very rarely do we have cases of someone being A-sexual, as everyone has urged. You may control yourself but your lower abdomen will definitely hurt. When people have an orgasm, they let go of a lot of frustration and sex releases that.

  • Confidence

When you have sex, the right way, your confidence increases but when you do not, you also lose the ability to do it ever again as your organ basically loses its mojo. You will never experience the liberation, the confidence people feel after a good session of sex.

  • Bladder weakening

Sex is supposed to be good for your muscles which help in holding your pee. If you do not do it, your pelvic floor muscles have a huge possibility of weakening and you may even face untimely dripping.

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