Saturday , September 25 2021
where women wants to be touched

The 7 Places Your Woman Wants You To Touch But Will Not Tell You

Women like to be loved and touched by the man they love and cherish women love to be touched, but they will find it hard to tell you. You can only have the ability to touch your woman in this spot if she’s in love with you or in a relationship with you. 

Here Are 6 Places Your Woman Wants You To Touch But will Not Tell You. 

1. Her Hair. 

Women like to be loved and cherished. The truth is, women love to be touched by their hair on a regular basis. It makes them feel cherished and loved.

Caressing your woman’s hair and looking into her eyes and telling her you love her is a very romantic thing all women would like to experience from the man they love. 

Especially if your woman fixed her new hair, try to complement her on how beautiful her new hairstyle looks. Also, make sure you touch her hair. 

2. Her Shoulders

Touching your woman’s shoulder helps with muscle relaxation, especially when she’s tired. Try to calm her down and use your hands to touch her shoulders like massaging the body. 

Women put themselves under a lot of stresses and pressure, and they feel exhausted, so as a man, helping your woman, messaging her shoulder and helping them release some stress is all women dream of a man who will make them feel good. Try this technique. 

3. Her back.

As a man, stroking your woman’s back with your hands might help in alleviating some of the discomfort she’s feeling at that moment. 

Women love to be touched in the back by the man they love. 

4. Her Face

Women enjoy it when men they love caresses their faces. It makes them feel loved and shows her man really cares for her, as long as you do these to your wife or woman on a regular basis and tell her how you love her and how you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

5. Her Waist. 

They are romantic spots for all women. They don’t joke with it, especially when the man they love eventually touches them, and it makes them feel so good. 

Holding a woman in the waist shows she belongs to you, and you really love her. Almost all women love to be touched or held in the waist by the man they love.

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