Tuesday , May 24 2022
things that ruin new relationships

The basic 5 things that ruin new relationships

Everyone wants peace of mind and to be with someone who will give them peace, if you are constantly finding fault, there is no way the relationship will work.

Me me me. Always focusing on yourself and what you want and what is convenient for you is a fast way to see the relationship crash and burn. Make sacrifices to see your partner happy.

If you like them, show them as much as they show you. Your partner will feel unloved if they are always overextending themselves for you and you cannot reciprocate. If that keeps happening, they will feel used and want to end the relationship.

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Let your past be in the past, stop trying to string many people along. If you found the person you want to be with, then stop talking to other people and focus on them. Stop saying ‘my ex and I are still friends, get a clean break from them and focus on your new relationship.

No one wants to be with a firebrand, every small disagreement, you are screaming and acting out. As I said earlier everyone wants peace and that’s not peaceful.

Speaking and listening are skills you have to master. Of course, you can hear them but do you understand what they are saying? Communicating effectively and acting on what you heard is important. If not, the fights will be recurrent.

Relationships should be a peaceful place where you can have peace and feel safe not a constant battlefield.

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