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Colour of vaginal discharge

Vaginal: What the color of a woman’s vaginal discharge says about her health

Vaginal discharges are normal for women. The most frequent discharges happen during a woman’s ovulation.

The discharge is because a woman’s vagina is trying to cleanse itself from pathogens.

The normal color of your vaginal discharge should be clear or opaque or whitish.

There are some circumstances you should be worried about your vaginal discharge;

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1. When the discharge has a fishy odor.

2. When the discharge is either yellow, brown, or orange you might have gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichinosis.

3. When the discharge is frothy or chunky.

4. Watery and pink discharges might be symptoms of fibroid or cervical bleeding.

5. White discharges might be a symptom of yeast infection.

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